"A place made in our image"

Alexandra and Charles Cuxac dreamed of somewhere that only they could create. In a location that would make your eyes sparkle. At Carlos, every day is different.  It is a place of sharing and friendliness, where the steps are spread with cushions where you can sip a juice, chat or admire the view…

The team is completed by their eldest son, Lucas Cuxac, also part of the adventure, because in the Cuxac family, as in the Basque Country, families instinctively work together.

-Jean Le Gall, author

The Carlos Gang

Flavours are shared at Carlos, as is the good mood on the faces of all the servers who wear original and vintage Hawaiian shirts.

The team is managed by Lucas Cuxac, son of Charles and Alexandra, because Carlos is a family adventure.

Whether at the cocktail bar, in the restaurant or at the takeaway counter, the team members will welcome you with joy in the spirit of the Côte des Basques.