Let's be innovators

Carlos Beach Lafitenia is a “new generation” outdoor hotel and restaurant project that respects nature and encourages responsible tourism.

It enjoys a wild and beautiful setting, looking on to the ocean and Lafitenia beach.  There are no permanent buildings here but there is a landscaping plan to integrate the current mobile homes and their replacement by future wooden structures without interfering with the  existing surfing culture, leisure activities, yoga and the cultivation of vegetables.

The restaurant serves a cuisine in which locally-sourced ingredients are combined in a menu of homemade dishes that are in line with current trends in healthy gourmet eating.

Let's be ethical and responsible

Carlos Beach Lafitenia engages in virtuous practices in order to maintain harmony and balance between human activities and the needs of the diverse fauna and flora of the coast (solar energy and the selective sorting and recycling of waste, for example)

Let's be welcoming

Alexandra, Charles and Lucas Cuxac are the pioneers of a project that is demanding and sustainable but also friendly and welcoming.

In summer 2022, you can come and sip a cocktail with us and chill out or eat a meal from noon to 11:30 pm. Starting in summer 2022, the hotel area will be renovated.

Come and visit us


Du mardi au dimanche
12h00 - 14h00


Du mardi au dimanche
18h00 à 22h00

Drink & Music

Du mardi au dimanche

Jusqu'à 2h

Réserver une table