Carlos Beach Lafitenia

A sincere, respectful family project

Carlos Beach Lafitenia is a family project run by Alexandra and Charles Cuxac, and their children. Lucas is the general manager. It is a place to live, to meet people and to enjoy each other’s company; a place to listen to nature and be aware of the challenges we face; to listen to different points of view; to pay attention to comments, criticisms and encouragements; to learn from experience.

A place to rest, to make friends and to reconnect with yourself

True to the nature of the Basque people (and their Country), to their history and their openness to other people and the world, Carlos Lafitenia welcomes everyone: groups of friends, lovers, families; locals as well as holidaymakers and travellers. The atmosphere and the good vibes of the place will enable you to relax and put the smile back on your face. The sun on your skin, the earth or the sand under your feet, 360° of nature – everything invites you to get your breath back, breathe better and to reconnect with the world and other beings. The ocean, the vegetation, the stars and the night will restore your freedom and carefreeness. Take your place in a deckchair, or on a day-bed, or sofa – and soon in one of our intimate, artistic and environmentally-friendly eco-lodges – and let yourself unwind.

We also want our project in this superb place to foster new exchanges and partnerships with local organisations and individuals who have the same interests as us.

A caravan-boutique has been set up near the entrance where you can discover some of our favourite crafts made by local artisans: hats, jewellery, kimonos, leather espadrilles and bags for shopping after a day on the beach.

Coming soon: Yoga and Pilates classes in the open air…

A project respectful of the environment

Nature and facilities

The site is nestled at the foot of the cliff, looking out on to the waves that break on the shore of the playa de Lafitenia (in Acotz), between Guéthary and Saint-Jean de Luz. Most of the area is classified as a Natura 2000 zone. This induces a sense humility and encourages us to pay constant attention to nature, and in particular to care for the endemic wild vegetation of the place.
Our installations have been fashioned in a mood of good-spirited DIY by the young, local Carlos Lafitenia team. They have been careful to respects the coastal law and the terms of Natura 2000. The aim is to be as least invasive as possible while still creating the necessary facilities to receive visitors.
Far from green-washing or any bending of the regulations, and despite the moderate but necessary pruning that has been carried out, the place remains a mini-Eden that no one can damage. We invite anyone to come and see for themselves that the natural softness and energy of the place have been respected. Certainly, the place is less wild than it was but it is also – not before time – cleared of waste, and maintained and respected as it should be. No permanent constructions has been imposed on the site. The eco-lodges project will be carried out with the strictest respect for the law, and even more respect for the natural beauty of the place.

Quality and local distribution networks


Quite simply, Carlos Beach Lafitenia serves a fresh, home-made summer cuisine using the authentic ingredients of the Basque Country.


The sound of summer has been specially crafted by a technician well known in the Basque Country: Xabi Pery, former member of the group Itoiz. We would like to remind you that we keep the volume down and that the place closes at midnight to avoid too much noise pollution to the neighborhood as well as to the fauna and flora.


Our team’s outfits are made of quality materials, including wool and leather, by the family company Atxi, located in Espelette.

Our commitments

Above all, we want to write the pages of a new shared human adventure, focused on well-being; to establish a rapport between nature and leisure. Our team aims to improve its eco-responsible practices every day in order to make this project also a social endeavour that respects human and family values. You will be received here with respect. All that is left for you to do is enjoy this magical place with us and to participate with us in its preservation.

The tamarisk trees have regained their beauty, the birds are still here, the paragliders too… let’s breathe together !!!

Alexandra, Charles, Lucas and Juan Cuxac.

Respect for the coastline law

And the rules governing classified Natura 2000 sites.

Respect for life

Together we pay more attention to plant and animal life.

Respect for green actions

Eco-responsible habits, recycling, local distribution networks, reducing waste, moderate use of water.

Respect for collective well-being

Respect for our neighbours and mutual listening